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The big election is over – here come the important elections!

By the bylaws of the Colorado State Republican Central Committee — essentially the state organ of the GOP — hereafter referred to as the SCC, there is to be an organizational meeting in late February or March of odd-numbered years. The purpose of this meeting is first and foremost to elect officers of the SCC, who will fill these seats for the next two years.

This meeting is preceded by a meeting of each county’s Central Committee, for the same express purpose, on the first half of February.

Interestingly, the people voted in at their county CC meetings (officers and ‘bonus members’) will compose the majority of the people on the SCC, voting on state level issues, when the SCC organizational meeting rolls around.

With that as background, I have been part of an initiative to get members of the liberty wing of the GOP elected to county offices and bonus seats.

In a parallel Facebook conversation, I received a message that led me to believe that some do not share my optimism for this avenue of effecting change.

The following was my reply:

Well, [redacted], I guess we’ll have to disagree. I’ve been packing liberty people into PCP and DC seats for some time now. As have others in other areas of the state. But we need to coordinate on a final push. We are reaching the time when we need to broaden our focus from our counties to a statewide initiative. That is what I am trying to get done here.

There are conservatives on the county Central Committees, but I see that there is little coordination among them. We have pockets of power and pockets of knowledge. However, if this is not tied together in a framework of planning, we will accomplish so much less than we could.

To pile on to your analogy, the cards are useless unless they are played properly. And we hold quite a few cards.

How about your county? Do you know how many offices are in play? County bonus members? CD bonus members? Do you know exactly who to nominate for each of those seats? Do you know exactly what liberty minded DCs and PCPs will be at your county CC? As in actually committed to show up? How about establishment candidates? Who are they? What establishment PCPs will be there to oppose your candidates?

If you know all this, then great – you are ahead of a lot of other counties. If not, then how are you going to learn this information?

These are the lists that I am building for BoCo. Further, I recognize that I may have holes in my planning. That is why I reach out on RLC’s FB page. Perhaps others have learned more of the process than I have. If not, perhaps there are others that will get hit with the sudden realization that they have scant weeks to build these same lists.

I hope I’ve not been too blunt here. I don’t mean to inflame. But please recognize that some of us have been in the trenches for four years, and we see an opportunity for a breakthrough.

And the original message I was replying to for context:

I’m not sure what an organizational meeting this late would do. If Conservatives don’t have their act together now for next months organizational meetings were cooked. It needed to have begun last year at precinct caucus and if they aren’t set to play the hand they’ve got it’s a little late to draw more cards. Hopefully we’ve got enough conservatives on the Central Committies and hopefully they know to have lists of who they are going to vote for before they walk in the door for the meetings.

I guess the message is that there is no “hopefully”. In the immortal words of Yoda:

“Do. Or do Not. There is no try.”

I choose to do. All that I can do. Please think about doing the same.