2012 GOP Candidates for Boulder County

This page should serve as a quick and easy overview of the Republican candidates for office that affect Boulder County in the 2012 cycle. The intent is that this page serve to consolidate links to the websites of any Republican candidates on the ballot within Boulder County.

Please leave a comment with any corrections or additions.

President of the United States

There are currently four Republican candidates for President. These candidates are involved in the primary/caucus process to determine which will be the GOP Nominee for the Presidential contest.

Two of these are waging active campaigns, while the other two have suspended their campaigns. Both active candidates have qualified to be on the ballot at the RNC National Convention in Tampa.


Ron Paul

Mitt Romney


Newt Gingrich

Rick Santorum

US House of Representatives

Congressional District 2 (CD2)

Kevin Lundberg

Congressional District 4 (CD4)

Cory Gardner

US Senate

There are no US Senate seats in contention this year

Colorado House Districts

CO House District 10

HD-10: William Eckert

CO House District 11

HD-11: Ellyn Hilliard

CO House District 12

HD-12: Russ Lyman

CO House District 13

HD-13: Adam Ochs

CO House District 33

HD-33: David Pigott

Colorado Senate Districts

CO Senate District 16


CO Senate District 17

SD-17: Charles Plagainos

CO Senate District 18

SD-18: Barry Thoma

Boulder County Commissioners

County Commissioner District 1: Not up for election this cycle

County Commissioner District 2: Maureen Denig

County Commissioner District 3: Not up for election this cycle

CU Regent At-Large

Brian Davidson

State Board of Education

CD-2: Ann Fattor