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new precinct numbers

Well, the redistricting and reapportionment processes are complete. The county has renamed every precinct in the county. Over a third of the precincts have had border changes.

Here is a map of how it all shook out. I am listing the new precinct boundaries, along with their numbers. I have provided both the new numbers in bold, and the old numbers in italic. The old numbers are only approximate, as boundaries have changed.

Precinct numbers - new and old - Longmont region

Precinct numbers - new and old - Longmont region

Click on the picture for a higher-resolution version of the map.

The county has assigned voters to each of these new precincts. However, I do not yet have access to a more detailed view of the streets forming the precinct boundaries. As soon as I have access to such a map, I will post it.

Some precincts have had radical changes. For instance, there is no new precinct corresponding to old precinct 203. It has been subsumed into 619 and 620.

in the meantime, the State GOP can tell you what precinct you are in. Just click and fill out your info. They also give you the address of your caucus, as well as the option of pre-registering for it.

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