Revised 2012 Mar 15

For organizational purposes, the Boulder County Republicans (BCR) have divided the county into three regions, each administered by a Vice Chair.

The material herein is most relevant to one of these three regions. This particular region is named the Greater Longmont Area region, in deference to the major population center therein. There are 73 77 Precincts in this region.

The general areas in this region include:

  • Longmont proper
  • NE county
  • Niwot and portions of Gunbarrel
  • Deer Trail and Lower Lefthand Canyon areas
  • Lyons and Allenspark

In terms of House Districts, this region contains portions of HD10, HD11 and the portion of HD13 that is in Longmont.

There is a map of our region right here (click for larger copy):

Map of the precincts in BCR's greater LM region

Map of the precincts in BCR's greater LM region

One can find maps of all Boulder County Precincts on the website of the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder. Links to the relevant maps include: