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Voter Vault

I just received training on the RNC’s Voter Vault system.

Voter Vault (VV) is an extensive database, with an easy to use web-based interface. It is the tool we will be using to keep track of all the info we compile on each voter in each of our precincts. In addition to basics such as Name, Address, Phone, Email, Sex, Party affiliation, etc., it also tracks for each registered voter useful info such as date registered, other household members, responses to telephone surveys, age, and even how likely they are to answer the telephone on any arbitrary call.

Voter Vault will be the primary tool we use to generate calling lists, walking lists, conduct surveys, track our GOTV activities, etc. Each DC and PCP should become adept in using this program for these purposes.

Voter Vault - screen cap

Voter Vault - screen cap

I have heard some people express dissatisfaction with Voter Vault. Bearing in mind that I have not yet used it (still waiting on authorization), everything I saw seems very logically laid out and easy to use.

Perhaps the issue some have is with the quality of the data. The data in VV comes from a number of sources – the Secretary of State, National party, purchased lists, previous campaigns, etc. Most importantly, data can be entered by us troops on the front line. Like any data, it can become stale or obsolete over time. Accordingly, it is one of our primary functions as DCs and PCPs that we expand or correct the data with accurate data obtained from direct contact with registered voters.

The use of VV requires prior authorization. Authorization is available to the following people:

  • County Chairs
  • 0-3 delegates per County Chair
  • Republican Candidates
  • Republican Elected Officials
  • DCs
  • PCPs

In order to become authorrized, each DC and PCP must:

  • Complete training course
  • have County Chair submit completed agreement form

Training sessions are held online — over a web browser and telephone — approximately once a month. To register for training, or for more information, contact Chuck Poplstein – Chuck at the State GOP office. Or send an inquiry to, and I’ll try to set you up.

Boulder County Republicans

We here in the SE Longmont District report up through a structure that is national. The next layer up in the organization is the Boulder County Republicans. We District Captains for the SE Longmont District are voting members of the Executive Committee of the Boulder County Republicans. The Executive Committee meets regularly to conduct the business of the county party. These meetings are used to coordinate our activities with those of other districts.

The website of the Boulder County Republicans has a wealth of great info. Check it out at

Welcome to SE Longmont GOP!

Hello and welcome -

This website has been created in order to coordinate the activities of the Republican party, in the general area of southeast Longmont, Colorado.

Please think of this as a resource for any advocacy or campaign activities with which you would like to engage. Indeed, please think of this as your website. While it is initiated by the District Captain team for SE Longmont, the intent is that all Precinct Committeepersons (PCPs) will also feel free to use, edit, and publish material to and from this site, as well as share this material with all likely voters in the SE Longmont district.

This website is built upon WordPress, which is probably the leading blogging platform currently in existence. WordPress makes it easy for registered users to add and modify information on the website. As time goes by, we will add information on exactly how one goes about creating a new page or new post. In the meantime, any questions can be sent to